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Because I Miss the Flying Monkeys

August 28, 2013 by


I’m about to head back to the land of Oz. Which, in this instance, involves about thirty hours of travel time and being awake for just shy of two days. So that’s going to be fun. Usually I don’t start hallucinating until I pass the fifty hour mark though, so it should be fine. But […]

My NEXT Vacation

July 23, 2013 by


  P.S. Click through for more of Steve Thomas’ travel suggestions. They’re kinda awesome.  

A Child of Five Would Understand This. Send Someone to Fetch a Child of Five*

July 11, 2013 by


Okay, so I’ve decided that Sydney is secretly located in the arctic circle. It’s the only possible explanation for how cold my fingers are. Also the wifi password here has a distinct ‘fortress of solitude’ vibe. On the plus side hanging out in a house with a seven year old means there’s finally someone on […]

Changing Timezones is a Little Like Side-Stepping Into Another Universe

July 9, 2013 by


So my sister? Lives in the Torchwood Hub. Okay, not the one in Cardiff. But this is clearly an Australian outpost. She told me they found a pterodactyl when they moved in, so I was kind of expecting it. Especially after I confided this to her and admitted that they did in fact have a […]

Running Away From Home

July 8, 2013 by


I may have forgotten to mention it (because I’m still being alarmed that it’s July) but I’m leaving town today. I’ll be working while I’m away but changing time zones repeatedly may result in posts appearing on a more abstract than usual schedule. Me: You know how every time I go away I say more […]

I Am Not Your Boxable Statistic

June 20, 2013 by


So now you can be an unspecified gender on some Qantas forms. Which is lovely. Because you couldn’t do that last time I flew. Also, on the ESTA* website there’s a section that says, If you obtain a new passport or change your name, gender or country of citizenship, you will be required to apply […]

Insomnia is a Conspiracy of Squirrels?

June 17, 2013 by


I’m not leaving town for like three weeks, I don’t understand why my brain is trying to switch time zones in advance. It is driving me crazy. Er. Crazier.