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Wound Up on the Wrong End of a Gun

February 28, 2014 by


This is the part of the playlist where it veers in the direction of a little bit country. This particular song is probably the most traditionally country but there are a few more that I can’t really argue fit into that category. I like how plaintively they emote and how up front they are about […]

Lying on the Floor and Bitching at the Ceiling is Part of my PROCESS

February 25, 2014 by


This is my motivational penguin (care of Chibird) because I am writing query letters and synopses at the moment and they make me crazy. Well. Crazier. I seriously seem to spend an equal amount of time trying to convince myself that the procrastination I am involved in is a perfectly valid part of the process […]

The Future is Zombie Gorillas?

February 21, 2014 by


This is actually a cover of a song by Gorillaz, but I like this version much better. The downside to the whole ‘it’s a cover’ aspect is that there’s no awesome video clip for you. Because I am sweet and generous (and, okay, the animation is adorable and there are zombie gorillas) I’ve included the Gorillaz […]

I Sound Like a Drunken Chipmunk

February 20, 2014 by


I feel like I’ve been proofreading this book forever. Mostly because I’ve been saying I was proofreading it since mid January. This is a lie I’ve been telling to everyone including myself. I wasn’t proofing. I was line editing. Which is a whole other thing. But now I am done. Thank god. I’ve been actually proofreading […]

Keep Your Pants On

February 18, 2014 by


I don’t think the comma is unnecessary. I do think we could use less of them. Maybe a lot less. A bunch of them seem there for convention rather than because they affect comprehension. Punctuation should only exist to facilitate understanding. I think I’m feeling this issue a little more than is totally reasonable right […]

Hey, Honey, You Could Be My Drug

February 14, 2014 by


For this song you can have either the Zombie Bikers From Hell Drive-In video clip or the Animated Ghost Story video clip. Actually, I suggest both. Both is good. They’re both kinda awesome in a dorky sorta way. (And the lyrics are bizarrely appropriate for a story I want to tell later in the wizards-verse.) Hey […]

A Moderately Hilarious Problem

February 13, 2014 by


Gilligan opens the front door. Me: I have a moderately hilarious problem. Gilligan: Did you lock yourself out of the house? Me: Nooo… See? Keys. (Holds them up.) I dropped my phone in the sink. Gilligan: Ah. Me: And then I was going to put it in some rice. But it turns out we don’t have […]

Okay, Define ‘Weird’

February 11, 2014 by



Brimming With the Words That Go Unsung

February 7, 2014 by


This song is about dancing in supermarket aisles. Or loving the wrong person. One of those. The part I’ve quoted below is very… well, it could be one of my characters saying that. The other one’s a little more likely to dance in supermarket aisles though. I like the juxtaposition of the happy  music and […]

The Explanation is Not Important

February 3, 2014 by


Someone linked me to this comic. Not the whole thing. Just this strip in particular. I don’t know why. I no longer know who. I don’t have the slightest idea what’s going on. But it makes me laugh anyway. One day I’ll probably read the rest of the comic, and perhaps then I’ll understand. In […]