Lying on the Floor and Bitching at the Ceiling is Part of my PROCESS

Posted on 25/02/2014 by


Adorable cartoon penguin waving cheering flippers. Beneath him caption reads 'motivational penguin'. Above him the words cycle as he waves his flippers: You can do it! Believe in yourself! Work hard! Keep fighting! Don't give up on your dreams! Smile! :) (On 'smile' the penguin blushes.)

This is my motivational penguin (care of Chibird) because I am writing query letters and synopses at the moment and they make me crazy. Well. Crazier.

I seriously seem to spend an equal amount of time trying to convince myself that the procrastination I am involved in is a perfectly valid part of the process as I do attempting to write the damn things. Which is ridiculous. If I’m going to procrastinate I should commit. Blow the whole thing off and go ice skating or something.

Although, you know, lying to myself is something of a creative endeavour, so it’s almost like I’m working the whole time, right? Right?