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When Graham’s book is hacked and he loses what little respect he ever had, he must descend into the dangerous print underground in order to get it back.

Bibliotek is cyberpunk pastiche, looking at our near publishing future.

Graham ‘Gray’ Nutt is a low-rung academic, and once member of the ‘boyband’ Author group Word Play. So, when his latest book is hacked, no one takes his protestations that he’s been ‘abused and humiliated’ that seriously.

No one, that is, until ‘Freelance Bibliometricist’ Charles Emlen rescues him from an exploding building and tells him he needs his help to find a lost bound. From there they both go deep into illegal recital clubs and ransoms, chased the whole way.

But fleeing from book-hunting Librarians, and peddlers of the drug Inspiration will be nothing, when they at last come to the Black Library itself.

Follow to a Chapter Index of posted pieces.

Note that this is a kind of experiment, I will be releasing parts of the book online through this blog–as long as there is an active audience (though that may take a while), can’t wait for you to get a chance to read it.

It is a work in (advanced) progress, so it’s not yet perfect. Any feedback is more than welcome!


Just some of my work toward writing the critical exegesis for my PhD:

Rants and Theory

Paratexts and Metatexts

Metatexts and Ergodic Literature

Seriously, Piracy, Again?..

Kindles and iPads and Fire, oh my!


Lending Services

A Grand Theory of eBooks

Neuroscience of an eBook

Iffy Business

Fantastic e-Notions

“Fungible” ebooks






Other Fictions Online

Both the beginnings of my superhero novel, The Miracle, and work toward a prose novel fantasy, The Song of Dalsarion.

The Miracle

Retired superhero Matthew mourns the loss of his elderly wife Mary. Having spent the last months of her life frightened after a violent robbery, Matthew now wonders if he should ever have stopped being a hero. Could he have saved her? Had he ever done enough; for her, or for anyone? But the danger of being a hero always stood in the way of his being with their family–then again, so had the secret of his past life, hidden from their children.

But as Matthew begins to realise what it was he that left behind, he learns that just as heroes return, so too can villains. Now Matthew, as The Miracle, must learn how to fight and save the city, whilst saving his relationship with his estranged children.

Also read the short piece: Miracle at the Fair


Fairie knight by chance, lost lover by choice,
Composer and romantic instigator.
Queer chap, Ocean’s Champion,
fashionista, trouble-maker,
Troubadour and matchmaker prince.

Part One

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