Girls Versus Boys

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I’m sort of a disaster at writing girls. Not that I can’t write them, I just… don’t. I think the default character in my head is male. It’s weird actually, because my head certainly doesn’t default when it comes to race* or sexuality**.

Anyway. Boys. Maybe it’s because in my formative years (well, formative writing years) I was surrounded by adolescent boys (for whatever reason most of my friends are guys), so that’s just what ends up on the page. Or maybe it’s because writing girls feels like I’m writing about myself. Or maybe it’s because I’m afraid that I might have ridiculous stereotypes about girls in my head and I do not want to perpetuate them in fiction.

I don’t think it’s actually any of those (although the first is most likely). But then, I don’t have a better explanation. Maybe I just think boys are interesting because I’m not one.

I feel kind of badly about the whole thing though because there are so many more books about boys than there are about girls. Shouldn’t I be sticking up for my gender by writing kick-ass girls? I mean, I think the girls I do write are kind of fabulous. There just aren’t enough of them.

Maybe when I’m creating characters I should flip a coin to determine their gender. Although now I think of it, a coin seems kind of limiting. Roll a die? So… it’s a four and they’re a cisgendered boy who likes girls but enjoys checking out guys at the beach? Maybe it should be a D20. Or a random number generator. Or a deck of cards.

I wrote a story based on a deck of cards once. It was a high stakes romance melodrama. And it was entirely ludicrous. Now I’m wondering about my propensity for writing melodrama whenever I’m pushed into a corner by something.

Perhaps I should just stop analysing my writing, it is only making me question my sanity and that rarely ends well.


* Although, because I tend not to describe my characters and fantasy race/culture is different I don’t think that fact is apparent anywhere but in my head.

** Well, maybe I default a bit with sexuality. I think I tend to think everyone is pansexual until I find out differently. Is that weird?


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