Deepest, Darkest Peru

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When I was a kid I thought Peru wasn’t a real place. I mean, Paddington Bear is from ‘deepest darkest Peru’ and he’s a character in a book. (Yes, I do know the difference between stories and real life. Mostly.)

Plush Paddington Bear toy in trademark blue coat and red hat with label around his neck reading: Please look after this bear.

So when I was told Peru actually existed I was deeply dubious. This was like being told Oz was real.* But, after some searching, I did find it on the globe we had in the house. This failed to quiet my doubts, instead causing me to develop a theory that Peru was the product of a vast conspiracy of cartographers. (I was a rather untrusting child.)

Lacking any primary evidence to contradict this idea I continued to be vaguely suspicious of the existence of the entire country. Until today.


* Which, okay, Australia is often referred to as ‘Oz’ and Australia is real but… shut up. We don’t have an emerald city.


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