To Climb or Not to Climb? aka Stubbornness: an Asset or a Health Hazard?

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Things I have learned in my travels:

  • Peru’s flag bears a striking resemblance to the rainbow flag
  • Rick can sense good coffee like some kind of bloodhound
  • French people really do say ‘ooh la la’
  • Huayna Picchu is 360 metres higher than Machu Picchu

The ruins of Machu Picchu seen from above with the mountain of Huayna Picchu in the background

See that peak behind the ruins? That’s Huayna Picchu. You have to go down a bit before you go up so if you’re going to climb it you’re talking about 500 metres of rather vertical stairs.* It is possible that if I had known that in advance I would not have — well okay, no. I am, on occasion, rather stubborn and I do like to climb things… Still. Climbing a thousand feet when you’re already suffering from altitude sickness is possibly ill-advised. Perhaps I should get my stubborn streak checked.** The view from the top was pretty stupendous though. And now I’m back at sea-level it feels like it was worth it.


* Rick says that ‘stairs’ is something of a misnomer. He thinks stairs should be consistently wide enough to fit your feet and not be knee height or require ropes to pull you up.

** Then again, that kind of relentless optimism could be useful in my line of work. Am now wondering if pigheadedness is a common trait amongst writers…


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