Shut Up and Let Me See Your Jazz Hands

Posted on 08/11/2013 by


Danger Days Official Cinema Poster. In the style of Mad Max the characters and the car are sketched in a group of unmatched sizes. Text reads: Danger Days: The true lives of the fabulous Killjoys

This song is my second favourite from this album but the most appropriate to this playlist. I enthusiastically encourage you to go and listen to Sing, which is my favourite. And then, when you’re enticed and confused, go check out the rest of the album and its extras.

Because this album is a tiny (awesome) post-apocalyptic science fiction movie (to the point that Warner Brothers made a movie poster for it). It is great and you should all go and love it now.

And right here, right now
All the way in Battery City
Little children raise their open filthy palms
Like tiny daggers up to heaven…

Mock movie poster for Danger Days. Two men stand back to back, their weapons levelled in opposite directions. The Killjoys logo is overlaid and the text: Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back