Get High on My Fault Lines

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My Honest Poem

I was born on July 22nd.
I hear that makes me a Leo.
I don’t really know what that means.
Iʼm five foot six (and a half).
I weigh 145 pounds. I donʼt know how to swim. And Iʼm a sucker for a girl with a nice smile and clean sneakers.

Iʼm still learning how to whisper.
Iʼm often loud in places where I should be quiet.
Iʼm often quiet in places where I should be loud.
I was born feet first and Iʼve been backwards ever since.

I like ginger ale. A lot.
Iʼve been told that I give really bad hugs.
People say that it feels like Iʼm trying to escape.
Sometimes it’s because I am.

Secretly I get really nervous every time someone gets close enough to hear me breathe.
I have this odd fascination with things like sand castles and ice sculptures.
I assume itʼs because I usually find myself dedicating time to things that will only last a few moments.
That’s also why I tend to fall in love with women who will never love me back.
I know it sounds crazy but itʼs actually much easier than it seems.
And to be honest I think itʼs safer that way.
You see relationships, they often remind that Iʼm not afraid of heights or falling, but I am scared what’s going to happen the moment that my body hits the ground.

Iʼm clumsy.
Yesterday I tripped over my self-esteem, I landed on my pride and it shattered like an iPhone with a broken face.
Now I canʼt even tell whoʼs trying to give me a compliment.

Iʼve never been in the military but I have this purple heart.
I got it from beating myself up over things I canʼt fix.

I know this sounds weird but sometimes I wonder what my bed sheets say about me when Iʼm not around.
I wonder what the curtains would do if they found out about all the things Iʼve done behind their backs.
I’ve got a hamper thatʼs over flowing with really. really loud mistakes, and a grave yard in my closet.
Iʼm afraid that if I let you see my skeletons youʼd grind my bones into powder and get high on my fault lines.

Hi, my name is Rudy.
I enjoy frozen yogurt, people watching, and laughing for absolutely no reason at all but I donʼt allow myself to cry as often as I need to.
I have solar power confidence.
I have a battery operated smile.

My hobbies include:
Editing my life story,
Hiding behind metaphors,
And trying to convince my shadow that Iʼm someone worth following.

I donʼt know much, but I do know this:
I know that heaven is full of music.
I know God listens to my heartbeat on his iPod.
It reminds him that we still got work to do.

by Rudy Francisco

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