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Review: Three Days to Never



Three Days to Never by Tim Powers My rating: 4 of 5 stars Oh man! Just… so much damn fun! Einstein! Jewish mysticism! Time travel?! Nice and smooth… View all my reviews

Dead, but Dreaming



Suddenly realised that my Twitter stream could just be a pre-programmed chronicle of my reading history… But no, I am still here, I am still writing (ask me about “Binder” or “Tender” sometime, very happily writing!) Also discovering the pains joys struggles of overloading on teaching, whilst also realising I only have half a year to […]

“Fungible” ebooks



Lots of great material to argue and shout and scream at on the Web over the past week, but the one I want to look at? Konrath versus Lipskar, and the horror of “fungibility.” JA Konrath’s post responds to Writers House president Simon Lipskar’s “all books are fungible” theory (written in support of big publishers and […]



Now we’re going to see a new industry for Real World splat books! Prestige classes? “Arsehole,” “Right-wing Christian,” etc… Whatever I’ve been thinking of a way to explain to straight white men how life works for them, without invoking the dreaded word “privilege,” to which they react like vampires being fed a garlic tart at […]

More Moore?



Jumping on board to discuss the Alan Moore / Before Watchmen brouhaha. This, because I both adore many of Moore’s works (Watchmen itself, the story bits in Promethea, and Swamp Thing in particular), but from the evidence of his own words (interviews, and not text), he comes across as a very bitter, unlikable person, concerned with his own righteousness. […]

Fantastic e-Notions



A small post on reactions to the DOJ lawsuit, summated by CBS “Ironically, consumers are likely to win no matter what happens with the case because the self-publishing gate is open and the horses are out of the barn.” … really? “consumers will win”? To that, I respond: I can quite reliably say that publishers will […]

Iffy Business



The US Department of Justice acting against publishers and Apple working under an Agency model seems iffy. Can you count something as price-fixing, if that <em>is</em> the industry standard costing (though not yet discussing publisher inefficiencies in acting in the digital environment), and this, versus an otherwise predatory pricing scheme? The joke of this legal […]

Wednesday Poetry: Sanguine



Now I know the taste of your lips: it is an ardor. Sanguine as, what’s left after the thing itself is gone. Which proves I’ve lived. And that’s there amongst all my treasured phrases. This is why I write. For the ambiguity. And can I describe it? 27 Feb 2005–4 April 2012  

Neuroscience of an eBook



There have been some articles lately about the neuroscience of ereading (though mainly based on cobbling together previous work on reading in general, and from anecdotal evidence regarding ereading practice), mainly summated by Chris Meadows, writing at Teleread: Does e-reading affect our memory of what we read? Do we remember less when we read e-books? […]

Dawn of the Metatext…



There have been a few articles of late regarding publishers and how they act with libraries (see: Penguin removing their ebooks from library catalogues, in response to Amazon’s Kindle Lending Service, ouch!) And of most interest is Techdirt’s article, Libraries Are The Best Counter To Piracy… So Of Course Publishers Are Trying To Limit Them. In it, […]