Bear! Everyone Play Dead!

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Channelate comic. Three guys at a camp sit in the woods. The first panel shows a bear coming out of the woods and one of the guys yelling "Bear! Everyone play dead!" In the second panel two of the guys are on the ground, the third says, "Ack" staggering. In the third panel he says, 'oof', falling. In the fourth he says 'ugh! bear! bear come closer!'

Channelate comic continued from above. First panel, the bear approaches the man, the man says, "Bear I don't have much time", the second panel, the bear reaches out to the man, the man says, "Tell Mama I love her." The third panel is the man collapsing back with an 'ugh' and the bear with a concerned look. The fourth panel is the bear crying.

I think we should all take this as a lesson. Don’t tease bears. It’s not nice.


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