Embrace the LEGO Lifestyle

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Arkem: Hey, Kandace.
Me: Hello, you! You are on my to-do list for today!
Arkem: How exciting.
Me: Well… not that I need to do you. That would be a little wrong. But things. Things with you.
Arkem: Moving in the right direction. But not quite out of the dodgy woods yet.
Me: Right. We need to…. book a hotel in Vegas? This isn’t actually getting any better.

I’m leaving the country in oh, twenty two days. Which is… startlingly soon. But I have a list! A list of things I am meant to do before I go. Unfortunately, most of it’s now overdue or should be dealt with today. So now the list is looking at me and shaking its head with mockery, and a little disappointment. It’s very disheartening to have your to-do list disappointed in you.

Arkem: The way to avoid that is to avoid having a list. But it’s too late for that I guess.
Me: It is. Also, without the list things would descend into chaos and I would spend my days building lego on the floor.
Arkem: That sounds nice.
Me: Sure, but at some point I’m sure the world would intervene. Rick, for instance, might be less enamoured of supporting me if I spent all my time making star fish shapes in unconstructed lego.
Arkem: Maybe but I remain unconvinced.
Me: Well, if you talk him into it, let me know.

In the meantime I am going to go and prod the list with a stick. A long stick. I don’t want it to savage me. Wish me luck.


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