Three Things I Think You Need In Your Life Today

Posted on 18/04/2012 by


This isn’t a trailer for the TV mini-series based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens that’s still in development.


This claims to be the world’s most dangerous sport. I’m not sure if that’s true. It certainly looks dangerous. And fun. Although I’m pretty sure the only reason Paul S showed it to me was because of the cars… Or because the VW won…


And three, I don’t know why no one has seen this, so I’m rectifying that.

I could tell you why I’m looking forward to this. There are reasons. But honestly, right now, I’m mostly hung up on the first line and the pocket watch. Sometimes the actual product is almost unnecessary next to the possibilities of what it could be that are unwinding in my head. So. For you and the possibilities in your head…


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