We’re two gadabout authors from Perth, Western Australia: Kandace Mavrick and Paul McLaughlan.

Originally, we just met up and fought crime. Sometimes we talked about writing.

Now we both have polished novels, and want to talk about them.

Other than many diverse interests, we’re both geeks, librarians, and a bit silly. For any more, you’d have to ask us.


Absolutely. I’m Paul, and it turns out that I’m surprisingly driven of late, with a number of projects on the go:

Bibliotek, a librarypunk book, The Miracle, lovingly told story of an elderly superhero, and Playing the Dragonking, a teen coming of ager.

You’ll be seeing a lot of these.

In addition, I’m a tutor at Curtin University (where I also study), and like dogs and dry martinis.

Big fan of Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow and Haruki Murakami (amongst others, ask me).

Hoping to write here, maybe have some fun. Get lots of comments *blush.*

Err… thank you, Paul.

… and now, how about we hear some inspiring word play from you Kandace?

Me! Blues streaks and sleepy eyes and all.

I’m currently working on a book that I tend to refer to as wizards in space although it’s really called Drink Me. It’s a science fiction urban fantasy novel. Maybe a bit pulp noir-ish… (Enjoys standing around on the genre borders pulling faces and making bad jokes.)

At the same time I’m redrafting a young adult fantasy series called The Path of the Monster. I have plans and schemes and — okay, you should probably just picture me cackling like a two-bit villain and shuffle along.

I’m also poking at the New Thing. The new thing is a middle-grade melodrama, which I started accidentally and I’m not sure I know how to write. But some of the best things in my life started with the words, It was a joke! I didn’t mean to! So it could turn into something really fun.

I like juice, pyjamas, rocketship sheets and most things that seven year olds are into. I’m unreasonably fond of bears and wombats. I think the answer to most questions should be ‘panic’ — because it seems like something fun to do. I like Terry Pratchett and Lois McMaster Bujold. And I’m a workaholic.

You can find me

on twitter @kandace

on tumblr as pan-narrans

on facebook under my name and under platformthing

on goodreads as Kandace Mavrick

and if you’re just in it for the music, I post my writing playlists on YouTube here.

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  1. Tessa Sheppard


    I’ve nominated you for The Reader Appreciation Award! See the link to my post below.



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