Two Brief Moments

Posted on 10/11/2011 by


Untitled Tea

Making myself, and burning bone
to cast china cups, drinking the
tea for the love of it.
Scrawling messages in pale clay for under-
neath the mulch of leaves.
Even if it’s only I who will
read my future at the end of it.


(Thanks to the Ben Zabbia Band for inspiration.)

* * * * *

Untitled Swimming

Keeping half an eye under the rain,
foolishly hidden in the pool water.
Peeking over the surface,
the drops of the heavy cloud
bounce, graph-points, as if in a title feature
of a Bond film. Though instead of gun smoke,
not girls either, I imagine swimmer-
boys reaching out in synchronicity.
Each falls upon my back as I
perform another stroke.

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