Once Upon a Time My Mother Was a Librarian

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And she would come home from these conferences and say, “I had a lovely time. I danced with John Marsden. He signed this book for you.’ And I would look at it and he’d have written something like, ‘Dear Kandace, Good luck with the writing, John Marsden’. Because my mother would have told him all about ‘my daughter, the writer’ who was all of 12 or 14 or 7. And I would say, ‘Mother, you can’t say that to these people. They’re these amazing authors and I am an infant. An amateur.’ And my mother would say, ‘You’re brilliant.’ And I would say, ‘You’re deluded.’ And she would give me this huffy look and demand to know if I didn’t think that as a librarian, an avid reader, and a regularly published book reviewer that she was appropriately qualified to have an opinion. And I would say, ‘Yes, of course I do. And in any other case I would respect your opinion. But when it comes to me you are horribly, horribly biased.’ And she would make some non-committal noise and say, ‘How do you feel about ice cream for dinner?’ (which was not a bribe so much as a basic non-sequitur).

So nothing’s really changed. I had ice cream for dinner twice last week (no judgement, please). And my mother told me I was brilliant. Of course, she’s right. I am. And the new book’s not bad either.


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