Incendiary Device

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So you know how a couple of weeks ago when I first started thinking about the new book I said this story was really small? One character.* One drama. One POV. You remember when I said that? Turns out, I was wrong.

Because there was a second character.** He’s always been there. Always been important. He’s the catalyst. The inciting spark of the whole thing. But the more I figure out about who he is, about where he’s come from, why he’s here and what he wants… it’s starting to look like this is his story.***

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because I’m thinking about him right now. I woke up with my original main character fairly well realised in my head so I haven’t needed to spend much time considering who he is. Instead, I’ve been focused on the spark to his fire. But I’m really starting to think Zeke’s not a spark, he’s a firebrand all his own.

The shape of a running person made out of fire

* Alt.

** Zeke

*** Maybe it’s his story told from the perspective of my original main character but…


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