How I Start Writing a Book

Posted on 20/09/2013 by


I know I’m supposed to be proof reading Drink Me. Writing synopses and query letters and other practical things. Failing that, I should be editing Path, or working up this middle grade thing.* But what I have been doing is having migraine-style headaches which stop my brain from functioning.

And then last Friday night I couldn’t sleep. It rained and I wrote and did not sleep.

And in the morning I discovered that instead of sleeping I had written about five thousand words, made about a jillion typos, and apparently coined the word ‘undisgusting’.

And I was writing a new book.

I looked at this thing that was kind of frantically adolescent in tone and went, Screw the book I’m meant to be working on, I think I just found my next side-project.

I don’t know what it is yet, or even if it really is anything. Right now all I have is the veriest sketch of a young adult urban fantasy… something. I have two characters, a world, and a concept. And an itch at the back of my brain that wants me to write.


* Because I think I might actually need an outline to work from with that one. So weird.


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