Sometimes the World is Just Waiting for You to Notice

Posted on 08/11/2011 by


I just had an ‘Oh‘ moment. You know what they are. That second when you suddenly put two and two together and reach such a blindly obvious four you wonder how you could possibly not have noticed it before.

There’s a storyline I’ve been playing around with in the back of my mind for a while now. Something I want to do with Wizards. But it’s all the result of a particular thing having already happened to one of the characters. And I had no idea how to make it happen. (Like wanting to write the story of a character adjusting to sudden blindness with no idea how they were blinded.) I mean, obviously I could make something up. But a catalysing event that important can’t be arbitrary. It has to be organic to the story, to the world, to the characters. Has to build out of what came before. And I was morosely thinking I might have to write a whole book just to get them there.

And then I was having a shower (best place ever to come up with ideas, I really need to get another waterproof notebook to stick on the wall…) and suddenly my brain just lined the blocks up in my head and rang a bell. Oh.

Because I realised I already had what I needed. I’d built it into the world from the start. I even had the character I needed to push the whole thing over the edge. It was right there. And I was fiddling about and grumbling and…

Now I’m a little annoyed with myself for being an idiot. But still a bit high on the rush of having the answer so the annoyance is a distant thing.

Am now going to distract myself by being brilliant for a while.