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Yeah, being an Australian (and so normally having exams in November) has never made it easy to NaNo. So, when I have attempted it, I’ve always felt pretty jazzed! Of course, now I have no exams, and should be able to get up at 3am before a full days work and make a mash of it, yes?

… Nope! I’m still not going to do it this year.*

However, writing about past (and future) projects in these ‘Monday Blurbs,’ along with my ‘Wed Poetry’ series has inspired me to revisit a NaNo I did… it was before 2007… it was 2005–while I was studying to be a librarian!

The Song of Dalsarion was a bit of a failure re: NaNo, coming in at under 30k. Still, that was almost thirty thousand words of verse! So it felt like a valiant effert at the time. Unfortunately, after I hit the end of my plotting, my wits, and the end of the 30 days, I was a foolish young writer and thought I was done (yayay?!)

Looking at it now? No. Where. Near. Done.

So! Guess who’s going to do a NaNoEdMo this Novemeber? (Stop looking around so blankly! Here! Right here!) I am. While this could be almost as dumb as doing something new (or probably more so…), at least I don’t have to be ‘creative’ per sa (meaning I can sit and ‘relax’ with my words.)

So, who’s with me?


*See overloaded teaching, theory and a third draft of the novel I am writing (for ‘credit.’)

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