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The Song of Dalsarion: Fifteen

November 24, 2011 by


19 The next morning was warmer than I expected. ‘Did you learn the lessons of my songs?’ Asked Mithril. Smiling, I remembered what he had sung. ‘Sometimes I think there weren’t any… But at other times I stop, and consider, perhaps there was wisdom in the wit of it? The terrible responsibly of it all? […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Fourteen

November 22, 2011 by


18 Strictly speaking, by the end of this ritual, I was to be an Elf. And with it, all intents and the devices thereof. So, dressed as I was in supplicant’s robe —or otherwise as it’s known, my hair. I found I walked down an un-natural, aged path of rose bushes—wrong season for them— and […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Thirteen

November 20, 2011 by


14 ‘He has been practicing with un-tamed fervour, this ballad of un-known lover! I say, such romance. Let us listen…’ Mithril himself falling quiet. The Chattering Hall–at night silent, open to the stars; though on a hot summer or spring day like that, roofed with gentle feathers and the talk of birds. —This was to […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Twelve

November 17, 2011 by


So in passing days, I lent to study musical, where Mithril looked on and said only of my perusal of romance and ballad that my heart that beat, must quicken at a glance. Yet he found my malice, and shut himself quiet at a look. But we still had our relations, and while they were […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Eleven

November 16, 2011 by


11 ‘Oh! Dalsarion, are you so sure? We know of one another’s voice, true, but to love? How can you proclaim it?’ ‘I maybe young,’ I said, ‘even by my manly terms, but I know when my heart speaks by me. And now it tells me, you!’ ‘You find me fair and easy of face, […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Nine

November 14, 2011 by


Into this gentle fray, a well known Mithril strode. And at his side, an unknown boy, cast of an un-Elven joy. So a gauntlet had began, where Mithril’s wit and mine were to be questioned most closely. He has his friends ~it is true. Though they were not begging for my introduction. ‘A new boy, […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Eight

November 12, 2011 by


7 A town we pass through, where my mind has wandered with my eyes, I point out a circle of charred stones. And Mithril, ‘Aye,’ ruins of the old-city guild, he says. Standing there in place where once their proud city- father’s hall had stood. In the very olden days, cities came together, it seemed […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Seven

November 9, 2011 by


‘You enjoy telling that one I can tell.’ I claimed. ‘Well of course I do, you should only tell those stories you’d like to hear and how you’d like to hear them! Let me hear no accusations of self-indulgence, if I cackle heartily with my telling, it is my time, and worthy spent. I can […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Six

November 8, 2011 by


4 ‘So what did you speak of?’ I asked. Later that day. ‘To my brother’s daughter, the future kingdom’s keeper?’ He asked. ‘Yes.’ I blushed. He smiled. ‘Do not answer me with such down-castness boy. ‘Did we speak of you?’ You must ask. And yes, we did so.’ ‘Then what did you say?’ Tell me! […]

The Song of Dalsarion: Five

November 7, 2011 by


A coach came, flourishing the dust from the ground. Our feet, and the horses hooves, had been too few enough to let our passing escape a dust-cloud’s notice. And the farmers here, surrounding, would never have paid that road much notice, not while the summer’s Sun, responsible for these dry-banks—where winter would make us a […]