The Song of Dalsarion: Nine

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Into this gentle fray, a well known Mithril strode.
And at his side, an unknown boy,
cast of an un-Elven joy.
So a gauntlet had began,
where Mithril’s wit and mine
were to be questioned most closely.

He has his friends ~it is true.
Though they were not begging for my introduction.

‘A new boy, my Lord Mithril!
Is this true? Oh, how well he shall be schooled!’
—Little did they know me–
There were also other, less invasive theories of us.
Well, it didn’t take much of our time.
For men and ladies of inexplicable up-bringing,
of an almost endless grace in length and breadth of life,
they tired of their gossip early.

Now Mithril left me—briefly—to mourn his passed days
with his brother, the emperor; to beg for his return.
For I, led by my walking-feet, to survey
the aged, bloomed magnificence of the Court.

By my searching eyes—I say—this day in history,
sees our fey reflection fallen in their weal.
They once lived this search of fall and summer halls so fully. Artlessly.
Now, though, I see so rich a history, which
can only bring a tear of long-sung majesty to my eye,
and, perhaps, a taste of salt to her autumn-people’s lives.

I spent some days doing only this, living in my rooms
and passing my days away with their gloom-filled
arts and grace.
I began to linger for any sight of my angel of the carriage.
But none did I see—pining as I was.
Lazing in my day bed and chair.

Then what seemed like some long time apart,
ended with a knock upon my door,
and getting up, to answer it
—with my hope in my eyes; she knew me—adore?
My heart and longing sickness were given over to nought,
upon the panel and lock,
as Master Mithril stood grinning
and enquired to my amour.

He had seen me, in his dead of night,
while walking upon the side of his sovereignty.
And he said: my face, under the Moon, lit, shone.

Then clapping me on the back,
while I surfaced from my morose depths,
and with that done, ushered him-self in.
He asked me not how my days had been
—he knew from evidence of my nights.
So instead began to speak me,
and learn me my lessons nice.

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