Monday Blurbs: The Song of Dalsarion

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A bit different to last week’s entry, the Song of Dalsarion comes from two interests of mine: Dungeons & Dragons and writing verse.

Dalsarion was one of those poor characters you roll up, make a back story for and get all excited about… which you never play.

The idea for writing a verse novel started about ten years ago, with an ill-fated Constantine-lite (and I’ve just started re-reading Hellblazer from the start–whee!) Fun character, btw, the poor man ‘Caliban’ having had his own mother sell his soul to the Devil for her more ‘ordinary life.’ How d’you think that turned out for her?..

Dalsarion should follow his life from teens til death, outlined as a kind of legend.


“We all know the story of Sir Dalsarion.

Fairie knight by chance, lost lover by choice,
Composer and romantic instigator.
Queer chap, Ocean’s Champion,
fashionista, trouble-maker,
Troubadour and matchmaker prince.

We want not to insult you.
All know of him of course;
from histories and bedtime stories,
Racey paperbacks, b-grade films.
Lovers and artists chasing.
From the childhood rhymes.

Here then are just a few –core
tales, with which we hope to thrill,
and perhaps dare to educate,
in our inimitable style.
To tell in our edition, of how he became a hero.
And how he came to be bathing alone
naked and in the rain.”

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