Life Advice for the Unwary

Posted on 19/09/2011 by


I spent the weekend not working. I know, we’re all shocked. But it meant I got to spend some time reading. (Yes, that’s what I do when I’m not working. Okay, I also take naps. And there may have been a thing with a bonfire and my ears freezing. But that’s not the point.)

Since I started writing Wizards I sort of unconsciously stopped reading the Dresden books because I didn’t want anything overflowing accidentally. (This totally makes sense. Really! I suffer from the most appalling cross-contamination sometimes. Last night I dreamed this epically convoluted dream about Doctor Who and my grandfather just because my mother told me a story yesterday and I went to bed thinking tomorrow is Doctor Who day. The last thing I need is Harry Dresden wandering about in my Wizards-verse. It’s bad enough that he probably started the whole thing without him making cameo appearances in it.)

However, because I felt sort of guilty about putting a book down in the middle (let’s not go into my peculiar neuroses right now) I haven’t started the next thing on my epic to-read list. And I’ve been sitting around being a bit appalled at myself and giving sidelong glances at the massive pile of waiting books. And then I was flipping through my recent read notes and did a severe double take. Apparently I’ve been reading a lot. Just online.

I instantly rebelled against this strange new world and defensively picked up some hard copy. Which lasted exactly as long as it took for me to realise I had a digital version of the book I was reading and I started format switching for the LOLs. (And cause it’s easier to make notes in the digital version, as I have an inbuilt aversion to defacing books. I was about to blame my mother for that but then I remembered the margin notes in her thesis copies of Lord of the Rings. So perhaps my freakishness in this area is all me?)

In summary, my weekend was a showcase of a variety of different kinds of insanity and one excellent choice. The lessons you should take away from this are as follows:

  • Books are good. Also naps.
  • Furry boots stop the feet from freezing, even if they do nothing for the ears.
  • You should watch Doctor Who.
  • Scrolling is deceptive. You don’t know how far you’ve come. (This is a public service announcement. You have been warned.)
  • You can’t blame your parents for everything, even if you’d like to.
  • Dictionaries are the only books you are allowed to write in. (I have no idea why this is okay in my head.)
  • If you read a book on your iPad and in hard copy at the same time people will laugh at you. They will be wrong.