Exploding Dog

Posted on 20/09/2011 by


There is an online comic called Exploding Dog. It’s pretty cool. In some ways it’s more a series of connected pieces of art than a true comic. Also, you should maybe know that while there is a dog in it from time to time I’ve never seen it explode. And it’s certainly not about the dog. Or anything, in fact, to do with dogs.

Actually, in my mind, it’s about my book.Stick figure person looking up at a Chinese style dragon flying overhead, with the caption, "I didn't know there would be dragons today."

Me: Look! It’s my novel summarised in cartoon form!
Greg: So… what you’re saying is I could read your book or I could just read the cartoon?
Me: Well… it’s possible the cartoon lacks some of the nuance of the text. Also technically there aren’t any robots in the book.
Greg: Spoilers!

I am not even kidding. If you line up these things in the right order they could illustrate the first Path book. (As long as you pretend one of my characters looks like a robot, the dragons are of the Chinese variety and the people are stick figures.)Dragon with blood around his mouth and half eaten people on the ground talking to a robot. With the caption 'I didn't know!'

If I want to reasonable about it (but why would I do that?) I can admit that the artist probably doesn’t have a freakish channel to my mind. And if he does I want to know where all the bits about the desert island and the tiki bar are coming from. Either way, it’s sort of awesome. Now I want to find the web comic (that clearly must exist) that’s illustrating Wizards for me.