The Song of Dalsarion: Twelve

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So in passing days, I lent to study musical,
where Mithril looked on and said only
of my perusal of romance and ballad
that my heart that beat, must quicken at a glance.

Yet he found my malice, and shut himself quiet at a look.
But we still had our relations, and while they were unusual,
in good grace and with a grin
he’d only settle back. Clicking his fingers.

Then early evening next we met–
in star-canopied hallway–
we danced and those around us did not mind,
we leant in close to whisper, with no need to hide.

‘Lady, for your beauty may I sing now?’
And in her quiet, without an answer, the words
leapt out to touch her ear—how may I envy them!

My singing voice is strained, Madam.
Yet I so wanted to be vibrant–
for you, and for you I must be more than recalescent.
Instead like some certain gold I once saw
wrapping around you like a promise.

Now as I try it, my darkness splits,
like the night to your dawn, Lady.
I sing a promise lasting longer than the flaming
coal revealing your diamond

So softly against my back, I feel her hands clap
she is delighted, but wants to know,
how may her brightness as I decree,
come ruling over my heart so freely
and without her knowledge!

I laugh and try to inhale
what it is I find, of her, so special
as she under mask, smiles with a tilt.

Flutters, bird, away.


There are nights and glances
and whispered breathing of intent;
frustrated meetings.
Where to quick steps lead,
and hurry down halls.
Under careful darkness of
misstepping woo.

One night.
A silhouette caught my view.
Each wall of the whole city, stretched taut.
Silken-tight fabrics rippling with any wind that strokes
and open to light.

And as I passed on my way, by a room all lit
—as one must pass by, each room, surrounded
on all sides by reaching corridor,
and no place ever secret but by agreed decorum—
all lit by a central lamp, and them unwitting or uncaring
to better mannered etiquette, this is what I over heard.

‘How is this nation heading? No. I find I do not favour how.
Uncomfortable policies hold us sway…
And perhaps some may be blamed for our discontent.
Mayhap… nay, I say it is pertinent in fact,
that actions, decisive in their nature, be taken.’

‘There is a point of question, were faith can last no longer.
Where kingly desires must hold not
against the law of the people.’

‘We talk fearfully. Yet, I know,
it is exciting to you.’

The voices, in their song, not so different from the other,
only intent lets me say, by inference, that
two voices and their shadows spoke together.

They left off, and their motions spooked
my own. I ran from those parts,
on into the comforting arms of the voice
of a lover and the words he would speak
with my tongue.

My mind was in a temper, with no customary thought.
I was unthinking as I approached her.

Standing as she was,
my footsteps led her way.
I came to rest inside her heat cloud.

‘I can feel your smile with my lips.
Close your eyes, close your eyes now.’
With last motion, my words and breath
flow back upon my face. Wave of breath.
Confusion? I solved it with a kiss.

Pause. Briefly lit by false-dawn
she pulled away,
went to speak and instead licked her lips.

It was our first.

In silence, walks away.

I watch her steps. Her legs.

* * * * *

Flutter, the leaves fall.

* * * * *

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