Moves Like Jagger

Posted on 26/10/2011 by


So… I was sick last week, and I didn’t really work because it was hard to concentrate. But I made notes. Little… bits of things that I jotted down on the sticky notes on my desktop to figure out later. So on Monday, illness behind me, I went about organising said notes. And there were four thousand words of notes. And I went, Oh. Ah. Um… and avoided my own gaze, because, you know, that’s a bit embarrassing. One shouldn’t manage the equivalent of four days worth of work while taking the week off for not being able to walk across the room without falling over.

So I aggressively didn’t write anything on Monday. I stared at the ceiling and thought about things instead. And yesterday I started to write again. Almost six thousand words later Raven poked me to ask if he could come over and I realised it was seven thirty and I hadn’t eaten and I was still in my pyjamas.

But… plot! I made plot! Things happening one after another with causal links and a coherent (well…) storyline threading them together leading from one place to the next. Really! Things happened! And other things! And many things caught on fire! There was some giggling and some drinking, although not, as it turns out, in that order. Or in what would be considered an appropriate context. And then someone got beaten up! And today something is going to blow up! Maybe two somethings!

In short, this week is going excellently. Maybe I should try being unconscious for a week more often. Or perhaps it was the extremely high volume rendition of Moves Like Jagger.