Wookie the Pooh

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Yesterday, I read a book.

Okay, that could have been more dramatic. Most days I read books. Usually more than one. Especially if they’re short. This one is short.

Technically it’s a children’s book. It’s also a textual mashup, although I don’t think you’d have to understand the references and so on to enjoy the book. Depending on the age of the reader (or the read-to) you might not notice at all. I say with a completely straight face.

The book is Wookie the Pooh by James Hance. Go on, tell me if you can guess what it’s a mashup of.

In the art style of Winnie the Pooh four characters are walking down the path. The leader is a boy (dressed as Han Solo), the second is a bear (with a striking resemblance to a certain wookie), the third a miniature R2-D2 with a red scarf tied around his neck and the fourth, several steps behind, a miniature AT-AT walker with a drooping head and a red ribbon tied into a bow on its tail.

I was reading it because I was wrapping presents and I am giving a copy to my niece. (Don’t tell her.) No, I wasn’t reading her copy, I bought myself one.

This is a spot of trouble I keep getting myself into.

A not insubstantial number of people in my world have started to spawn lately. Which is super fun because I get to buy them tiny-people things and call them Shortest Person in the Room and cuddle them and so on.

The trouble is that once they graduate beyond onesies (or sometimes before) I seem to find myself in bookstores wanting to buy them books. (Despite what people may say, I do recognise that infants can’t read. I’m just saying, I think one should be prepared for the moment when they want to.)

I read the books first, of course. Quality control. Can’t just give a kid something random. It needs plot. Narrative structure. Gorgeous art. Preferably bears or wombats. (Because, you know, they’re awesome.)

And the thing is —there are some really awesome books out there. So I buy the child in question a book. And I buy me a book. Sometimes I come home with an armload and have to decide which ones are for giving away and which ones I am allowed to keep. Rick frowns at me until I play, For them, for me. Which is like playing, Loves me, loves me not but with presents at the end. And sometimes something goes in the For them pile only after I make a note to go back and get a copy for me too.

Which inevitably leaves me in the children’s section of the bookstore. And then…

Are you starting to see the problem?

Anyway. Wookie the Pooh. Awesome-sauce. I am pretty sure it’s only available through the author’s websites. But it’s pretty cheap. And he also sells gorgeous art. And… I thought you should know.


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