“The Ride” by Rodolphe Guenoden

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cover pageA man on a bicycle rides along a rode drinking from a bottle of wine. A woman in a blue dress, rides past on her own bicycle and steals the bottle out of his hand.The woman takes a drink, smiles at him flirtatiously, and then starts to ride away, dropping the bottle.The man chases her. She glances back encouraging him as they race.The man comes up alongside her, but then she pulls away again as they head into some rougher terrain.The woman takes off down a steep hill. The man hesitates but then follows, rattling down the hill in her wake, grinning.The man catches up with her again as they cross a bridge. She leans in, as if about to kiss him.But then she pulls away again as they enter the town, smiling over her shoulder at him and enticing him to follow. He races around corner after corner, trying to keep her in sight.He races through the town, but he starts to believe he has lost her. Then he catches sight of her again.He can see her through a narrow alleyway, sitting on her bike and waiting for him. She smiles. And for just a moment, instead of the woman he sees the cowled figure of death.And then he looks up as he hears the truck that is about to hit him.

“The Ride” by Rodolphe Guenoden



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