One Wizard Chunk, Two Wizards Parts, Three… Now it Sounds Like I’m Dismembering Someone

Posted on 20/04/2012 by


So I’ve written enough of Wizards now that it’s a bit unwieldy to think of it as a single whole. But it doesn’t seem to break into chapters sensibly. I’ve been calling paired scenes ‘chapters’ but they’re not. They’re just two scenes. Which becomes particularly obvious when a conversation breaks off in a scene in one chapter and picks up in the next. That’s just weird. I mean, maybe if there was a cliffhanger or something but… no. So chapters is not a thing that is happening.

But then… I’m not sure it needs to. Maybe there are no chapters, maybe it’s just scene following scene. That’s possible. There aren’t any time jumps really because the whole book takes place in about four hours. And it’s just the two characters mostly, and they spend a lot of their time running… Actually, the whole book kind of feels like a sprint. So no breaks could work for that. And there are good words for that kind of thing, right? Frenetic, fast-paced, relentless. Like that.

Doesn’t stop me from wanting to break it down into sections though, just to keep it manageable mentally. Unfortunately, when I start to break it into parts the sections so far come out labelled, ‘Hello’, ‘Who the fuck are you?’, ‘I was expecting smugglers, not <redacted>’ and ‘Fucking reckless muppet’. Which, um, yeah… maybe not.

I mean, it’s not important if it’s just for me but… there’s this thing? Where I give things ludicrous names or make jokes about them? And then someone hears me? Like my PhD supervisor? And then it… ends up in print? So… quite nervous about making jokes.