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Wuffie: How’s the wordsmithery coming along?
Me: This morning…? A work in progress. As in, I am progressing toward consciousness.

I just grabbed a glass from beside the sink so I could take my tablet. I thought it was my juice glass, but I’m pretty sure that was liquor.

I am finding that being sick this time is making me very philosophical. Energy is required to do anything so intensive as think, Well that was weird. So I’ve been responding to a lot of things with, Okay…

This has its pluses and minuses. On the one hand, I quite enjoy the zen mellow feeling. On the other — it’s making me wary of editing in case I look at problems in the text and just think, Okay… and let them go.

I don’t think that’s what I’m doing but…

Rick: How’s it going?
Me: I don’t know. I am…. frowning at Path
Rick: Is it frowning back?
Me: Yeah, pretty much. We’re doing that thing… You know when there’s a fight scene and people are sort of circling before they jump in and try to pound one another into the ground? That. That is what I am doing.
Rick: Sizing up your opponent.
Me: Yes. That. I hope I win.

Pixelated computer characters hitting one another. Caption reads: Gruga moves in for the first assault, and pummels poor Galbern

It’s possible my judgement is impaired. Definitely my vocabulary. And I am… simultaneously dismayed and entertained by the fact that I can feel my pulse in my temples without using my hands. Maybe I’ll write some new scenes. That’s always entertaining.

Writing while sick is a bit like writing under the influence, sometimes you’re awesome and sometimes you read it afterwards and think, When did there get to be drug-dealing dwarves? There aren’t drug-dealing dwarves. There haven’t been since this was a melodramatic television show and — WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BRAIN?

I’m not sure I have the energy for yelling at myself. Maybe I could write with my eyes shut? That’ll totally work. Then I can wonder about myself tomorrow.