The Unholy Commander of Legion is Nothing Without…

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A girl is standing at her bathroom sink brushing her teeth. A small voice pipes up, "Ah. Excuse me, madame?" Blearily the girl looks over with a, "?" toothbrush hanging out of her mouth. A small, monster-type creature is sitting beside her toothpaste. It's about the same size as the toothpaste. It says, "Ah, hello and god morn! Please forgive the interruption. It will be brief! During your slumber, we the legion have taken the liberty of seeing to your teeth. We are eager to know does it meet your tastes?" The girl looks up at herself in the mirror, removing the toothbrush from her mouth and says, "My teeth...? What did you --" She bares her teeth in the mirror. They have all be filed to points, into, as the artist says, a fearsome pointy maw. The girl closes her mouth and looks at the little creature, which beams hopefully at her. She says, "...I'll be honest. That is awesome."


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