Am Declaring Holidays. Ready? Go!

Posted on 24/12/2012 by


I am on holidays now. This means I’m not working. Technically. I am getting better at it. On Saturday I accidentally worked the first half but then I realised what I was doing and spent the rest building LEGO. And yesterday — I had naps! If I maintain this not-working streak I’ll be posting holiday filler (more comics, less words) for the next couple of weeks before… well, I was going to say ‘before returning to our regularly scheduled programming’ but I won’t be exactly. Because I have A Plan, and it involves a change in the way things are done. Don’t worry I’m not going to start sacrificing puppies to guarantee good writing days, I’m just going to change the schedule of posts and… some other things that I will tell you about once I’ve done/am doing them. See? It’ll be like belated Christmas present of awesome. Well, small amounts of awesome. Your mileage may vary. Depending on how amusing you think I am.

Comic wherein a skeleton in a birthday hat sneaks up on a small child who looks kind of terrified. The skeleton says: "Hello, small human. What material wealth do you wish for?" The child replies: "A-an X-box?" The skeleton responds: "This contract is sealed." And then sneaks away. The child continues to look alarmed.


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