I Didn’t JUMP to Conclusions, I Took a Tiny Step and There Conclusions Were

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Tuesday is the perfect, most excellent day of the week. Mostly because it’s the first time I get to write since before Christmas.

When I went on holidays I decided that the first week back would be Arbitrary Admin Week (or Aaw as Rick has been referring to it). This worked remarkably well at stopping me from working during the holidays. (Which I am very bad about.)

Me: Right. Sorry I was… doing a thing.
Rick: Were you working?
Me: Why do you always jump to that conclusion?
Paul S: Past experience?

Instead, every time I wanted to do something I just added it to my list of things to do this week.

Of course then I picked up my laptop yesterday, staring in glum dismay at the list of boring admin crap I was meant to be doing this week and promptly decided that Arbitrary Admin Week could last for two weeks with every second day being an ordinary writing day so that I wouldn’t go out of my mind.

And this is the second day! So there will be writing! Also I have to tell you I’ve just taken some painkillers. So I feel pretty good about things right now.

While I’m being all admin-inclined I should also maybe tell you that as I mentioned (with decoy skeletons) I am going to do this blog thing a bit differently this year. More in line with my original intention, which was to only post two or three times a week and involved slightly less ‘random pictures that make me laugh’ content. In the future those will go on my tumblr instead.* Mostly.

I don’t know if this is going to work. I mean, I never actually intended to post five times a week when I started the blog but it turns out I’m a compulsive workaholic. Who knew?  But this should mean more time to write so… wish me luck with the plan.


* Yes. I have one. Although it has heretofore acted largely as an RSS feed rather than something I really interact with. To the extent that when someone follows me my first response is still, “But how did you know this tumblr existed?”


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