Back to Work or Why You Shouldn’t Leave in the Middle of an Explosion

Posted on 10/01/2013 by


I thought picking up again after the holidays would be really straight forward. I had the next scene totally laid out for me. Half of it’s already written, I just need to string it together. But.

I kind of stopped for the holidays in the middle of a fight. And I’m coming back to it fresh all, Hey, what’s going on? And my characters are all, Death! Death is what’s going on! Also mayhem, and quite a bit of confusion and DON’T STEP THERE. And I’m stuck, one foot in the air saying, Er, what? trying very hard to match the emotional pitch of the scene instead of just standing there blinking.

It is proving more difficult than expected. Why didn’t I abandon them for the holidays while they were sitting about in the half dark drinking? Or wandering down the street in the middle of the night being awkward at one another? But no, I had to stop while things were exploding.

Exploding Dog art. A stick figure lies on the ground staring blankly upward. Caption reads: What? Where am I? Where have I been?