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Wookie the Pooh

December 21, 2012 by


Yesterday, I read a book. Okay, that could have been more dramatic. Most days I read books. Usually more than one. Especially if they’re short. This one is short. Technically it’s a children’s book. It’s also a textual mashup, although I don’t think you’d have to understand the references and so on to enjoy the […]

This is Meaningless

November 26, 2012 by


You know how if you say a word often enough it ceases to have any meaning and becomes just a weird collection of syllables that you start to wonder who put in that order? Okay. Have you ever noticed how titles do the same thing? It’s like they only mean something the first time you […]

What You Are Doing Can’t Be As Important As This*

July 19, 2012 by


Me: I want you to appreciate that I did not call you at your 2am this morning. I almost did. And then I did math. I wasn’t sure about the math but it seemed like I should not do that. Also I probably would have just bibbled plaintively in your ear about being delayed at LAX. […]

Schadenfreude All Over the Place

October 5, 2011 by


So the last couple of nights I’ve been watching a whole group of people fall apart emotionally. And laughing. Because I am a horrible, horrible person. Or because I’m a writer. Which, in this instance, I think is sort of the same thing. I mean, the falling apart is totally justified. It’s in response to […]