What You Are Doing Can’t Be As Important As This*

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Me: I want you to appreciate that I did not call you at your 2am this morning. I almost did. And then I did math. I wasn’t sure about the math but it seemed like I should not do that. Also I probably would have just bibbled plaintively in your ear about being delayed at LAX. So. But I was thinking about you.
Rick: 🙂
Me: This anecdote made more sense when it started.

I am… very, very, very sleep-deprived right now. Which is interesting because things started out so promisingly. Also interesting because I am kind of in that sleepy, giddy stage where I’m sitting on the floor with my chin on the coffee table to write this. But. Um. In the interests of avoiding that aforementioned crazed weasel thing I am not going to try to say anything intelligent and will therefore share this video with you. Because it makes me laugh. Probably more than it ought to right now.


* Credit for this post’s title should go to Arkem. No, really. Blame him for any deception that may have occurred.


P.S. I am very glad I decided to proofread this post. I’ve found three mistakes so far and I’m on the third sentence. A chocolate frog to you if you find more!



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