Time Means Nothing, Never Will Again

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I don’t have an ear infection. I don’t. Which is good as I’m getting on a fourteen hour flight today. But I did have one last week. Which made my doctor give me a disturbing number of tablets under the theory that, given the situation, ‘extreme prejudice’ was the approach to take. (Including saying, You should be fine by Sunday, but take these ones before you get on the plane just in case there’s still fluid in your sinuses, because that can be horrifically painful.)

I am, generally, a proponent of the better-living-through-chemistry theory but the throw all the drugs at it approach feels a little extreme.

Father Figure: It’s a good plan, because with the varying pressure the ears can actually rupture.
Me: Also the screaming bothers the other passengers.

My sister (who I am visiting right now) saw my amusing pile of drugs and promptly told me a delightful story about that one time my niece’s ear drum exploded. And she was firmly on the ground at the time. I think the take-away message there was ‘and it caused her no long-term harm’ but honestly, I’d rather not go there.

Still. In the last couple of days I’ve forgotten to take at least half of the tablets I’m meant to be taking and will undoubtedly continue to screw it up as time goes on.

Taking tablets (like eating, sleeping or writing) on any kind of a schedule becomes a wild fantasy when I’m travelling.*

Several clocks and gears and an image of a globe interweaving

* Regular routine goes right out the window as soon as I leave home but it really falls apart when I start changing timezones. I mean, today is Wednesday,** and it is going to continue being Wednesday until I land in San Francisco. Which will occur about half an hour after I leave Sydney, if you go by clocks and calendars. I am pretty sure that flight is longer than that.

The airlines collude in this insanity. On my flight here they served us ‘lunch’ at what would have been 3pm in my departure city and 5pm at my destination. And then they turned the lights out in case we wanted to sleep. I sat there thinking, What? until they came by and gave me ice cream, which distracted me from mulling over what corporate policy could have led to this madness.

** Insofar as that’s what it says on my calendar right now. Wednesday is a bit of an arbitrary concept at the best of times.


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