We Have So Much in Common

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Merry: She eats like you do.
Me: We have so much in common.
Merry: Yeah.
Me: Except she has the excuse of actually being six.
Merry: Yeah.

So I eat like a seven year old. In fact, you’ll get some quite persuasive arguments from people I know that it’s not just food choices I have in common with that age group. My niece is a whole year younger than that but we like all the same things. I choose to believe this is because she is brilliant (obviously true), ridiculously smart for her age (she is) and just like me (I admit she may have inherited certain traits from her parents, but mostly…).

She was also delighted to learn (re-discover?) that I am a writer. Even if my books are aimed at people at least five or ten years older than her. And she showed me this story she had written:

 Escape plan. Kill plan! Use 145621544 password. Then they will be in my control.

I think she has a future in flash fiction. Also possibly layout, as she managed to write this delightful short right-aligned, although there were some kerning errors*…


* You know, once you learn to see these things you can’t stop. And you end up sitting in a restaurant with someone laughing at you while saying, Stop proofreading the menu while you make a plaintive face and mutter, I can’t help it!


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