Just in Case the End of the World Comes While You’re Out…

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So just in case that whole Mayan-calendar-ending thing really does herald the end of the world, or, you know, if you want to be prepared for your everyday kind of apocalypse, these guys have put together an end-of-the-world survival kit. Crafted and designed in Mexico, in the most cheerful of colours.

Just in Case kit laid out in bright canary yellow. Showing a bottle of water, knife, alcohol, chocolate, notebook, pen, matches and guide book.

End of the world or not, I kind of want one. I mean seriously. Look at what’s in it: water (yeah, okay, whatever), knife (always good to have), matches (for setting things on fire!), chocolate (well, obviously), liquor (very important for the end of the world), and a notebook (because come on, the world is ending, I’m gonna want to write about it).

Now that I have finished sounding like a slightly inane advertisement I’m going to double-check that I already have all of these things (even if they aren’t scary-cheerful yellow) and then declare our house prepared for the apocalypse.

Bright yellow square with the black text saying "HAPPY 2012"

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