Warning: AFC, Possibly Weasels

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So I’m going to be AFC (away from couch) for the next seven weeks. Which is both brilliant and worrying. I mean, what will my couch do without me? I am, however, taking my keyboard with me.

I have wondered, from time to time, what it would be like to travel without my laptop (I’m guessing traumatic) but in the end there always seems to be a good reason to take it with me. In this instance — conference.

Also two of those weeks have been referred to as a ‘writer’s retreat’. If by that they mean a writer retreating from wherever they normally are to somewhere else and continuing to write just with a different view, then that is a totally accurate representation of what I’ll be doing. And the ‘continuing to write’ part is in no way wishful thinking. It’s not! Stop looking at me like that! I fully intend to… word… things. Shut up.

Anyway. Due to the whole changing timezones repeatedly thing and the higher likelihood of me being distracted by shiny things out the window, or unreliable wifi, or leaving my power cables in Peru or something, my posting here is going to be a bit more erratic and, let’s be honest, probably even more incoherent than usual.

Trust me. I’ve seen some of the things I wrote when I hadn’t slept for fifty three hours and I was trapped in LAX. Some of it’s quite beautiful. Some of it might as well have been written by a maddened weasel.

I’ll do my best to stay away from the weasel end of the spectrum, I really will, but no guarantees.

Qantas plane flying above the clouds


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