Danger: Outside World Lies Beyond This Door

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So today — for certain values of ‘today’. No, you know what, screw this time zone thing. From now on ‘today’ means ‘any period of time since I last slept’ and ‘yesterday’ means ‘anything that happened at any point before that’. This may be an arbitrary measure of time but it should remain functional enough for my purposes until I return to a place where the clocks don’t change quite so often.

So. Today. Today I ate real food, with iron and vegetables in it, and there was rejoicing (mostly from the part of my body that had started to complain about the lack of those things). I was more than usually excited because the menu on my first flight might as well have been called ‘a list of things that Kandaces can’t eat’ and then my second flight was delayed in such a way that wandering off to find lunch wasn’t really feasible but then the plane also refrained from even trying to feed me. Which isn’t to say I didn’t eat at all for 36 hours, I just ate those things that come with meals on planes. Like tiny rolls and ice cream and cheese. Which is fine in and of itself but after enough time passes starts to make you feel a little odd. Especially if you’re like me and failing to eat makes you have headaches or fall down.*

Me: On that note I’m going to go to bed because right now I’m using both hands to remain sitting.
Arkem: That’s worse than it usually is.
Me: A bit. Yes.

View of California from plane window. With layers of cloud in shades of blue and white down over the mountains, coastline and ocean.

California. This bit was prettier than LAX. Also bluer than one might expect.

However, on my second flight (while I was sleepy and headachey and hungry and otherwise dazed and confused), I met this guy (who was an aerospace engineer) who thought it was absolutely awesome that I was a writer. (True.) Most people don’t seem to recognise how brilliant being a writer is. (Sad.) Although maybe it was because he thought I was famous. (I tried to tell him that I have… maybe two fans.) Or because my business trip sounded more fun than his. (It is.) Then, having known me for about half an hour, he laughed out loud at the idea that I might get any work done in the next couple of weeks. I’m not sure if I should be offended by that or just resign myself to reality.

I think I’m going to go and… well, at least look at the work I’m meant to be doing. Not going to nap. Really. Probably. Shut up.


* Actually, I fall down anyway. Just not so much if I remember to eat.


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