That Awkward Moment When You Read a Sentence And it Doesn’t End the Way You Thought it Octopus

Posted on 16/02/2012 by


I’m beginning to get nervous about the length of Wizards. Not that it’s actually that long as of yet but… it’s like I’m drawing something and even though only a small section exists I can see the shape of what’s coming and… I’m afraid my theory of how much of the plot I am going to get through in this book was somewhat ambitious. Maybe… maybe instead of two adventures over the course of a couple of weeks, maybe this book is just the start. Maybe this is just the first adventure. Maybe it all takes places in about four hours. That’s… I can do that. That’s fine. That’s perfectly… I am never getting to the rest of this story. I am going to go mad.

See, I can’t help thinking past the moment. Consequences are the inevitable fallout of every decision and I can’t help thinking them through even if my characters are rushing about recklessly risking their hearts and lives and so forth. But if this whole book is those four hours, the consequences are in the sequel. If there’s a sequel.

Oh let’s be honest. There’s a sequel. This story is like a domino chain. Where the dominos blow up.

And that means one of the first things I wrote for this is in the next freaking book. I am doomed to never be writing the right book. Even when I think I am. It’s getting ridiculous.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there will be plenty of time for the second adventure in this book and I will be able to make jokes about coffee and hum the Mission Impossible theme song* and… well. Spoilers. It could happen. Stop making that face.


* That’s what you do if you’re planning a heist, right? It’s like breathing the Indiana Jones theme when you’re climbing around on dig sites. Although, maybe that’s not all archaeologists. Maybe that was just us…