Tempus Edax Rerum

Posted on 26/06/2012 by


The universe is poking fun at me right now. Actually, pretty much everybody I complain to is poking fun at me right now. I keep saying, I’m leaving the country in three weeks! And they say, Yes. Awesome. And I say, I am so close to finishing the second book of PATH I could spit that far. And they say, Really? That’s brilliant. And I flail and mutter, No, it’s… argh! And then they, you know, roll their eyes. And with the laughter.

I think I’m complaining backwards.

I am excited about the trip. I am. It is going to be awesome (even the intimidating bits). And finishing the book is… Okay, see this is the problem. I am so excited about being this close to finishing that it’s all I can think about. The end of a book is always like that. I want it done. It’s like I can see the finish line and that’s my cue to sprint for it. But… three weeks.

I have to keep reminding myself that actually doing pre-leaving preparatory things is more important than trying to finish the book before I leave. I’m just so close that everything else sort of flies out of my head. Which is great in terms of the writing but from an organisational perspective is slightly less than awesome.

And every time I stop to be sensible the book just sits there. Waiting. Staring at me like, What on earth are you doing? You could be finishing me! And I’m this close, and I’m this close and I just…

Also Penguin reopened their submissions, but only till the end of the month. They’re the ones that want a full series synopsis to go with the submission. Which means I have to add ‘write a competent series synopsis and submission package’ to my ‘things to do in the next five days’.

I would like to submit a request to the universe for an extra month at this time. We could call it Tempustuly. Actually, that sounds gross. We could call it tempus edax rerum — ‘time devours all things’. And I want them back.

chalkboard with the words 'tempus edax rerum' written in roman style lettering