Don’t Stop Unless Aardvark

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Do you ever do that thing where you wake up in the night to write something just to get it the hell out of your head and in the morning you pick it up — surprised by its very existence — and there’s two paragraphs of something that’s touching and brilliant and you’re really a bit impressed with yourself… And then the third paragraph is, It’s time to release the aardvarks from their bondage. And you stare at it and think, ‘You put the aardvark in the what now?’ and, ‘How do those things even connect?’ and, ‘WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN IN THE THIRD PARAGRAPH? BECAUSE I WANTED TO KNOW THAT’.


Me: Do you know what time it is?
Paul S: Time the aardvarks were released from their bondage?
Me: We’re having aardvark bondage now?
Paul S: Political bondage. Obviously.
Me: Oh, yeah. Obviously.

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