Her Evaluation of My Cowboy Reputation Had Me Begging For Salvation All Night Long

Posted on 16/05/2014 by


A while back, on a day when I was sick and this song had only recently been added to this playlist, I played it very loudly and shouted along (because when you’re sick bad jokes are funnier and if it’s loud enough you can’t hear how hoarse your voice is). I then quoted it here on this very website because if you can’t share bad jokes when you’re out of your mind with illness, when can you?

Rick read the apropos of nothing at all quotation and frowned deeply* and sent me a message that was something along the lines of ????? He was, understandably, concerned that my audience might have thought I’d finally gone all the way round the bend. I explained that it was a song lyric. He wondered what the hell I was listening to.

Me: Clearly you’re not listening to the right songs.
Rick: But your audience is?
Me: Oh, I doubt it.

Still. I wanted to reassure him that I wasn’t mad. Or at least, only as mad as I’d always been. So when he came home** I played him the song. So he would understand. Not so I could giggle while he made faces. Although that was pretty fun too.

Me: So do you feel like your musical horizons have been broadened?
Rick: And dirtied somewhat.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Wouldn’t you like to have that experience for yourself?

* I’m extrapolating. I couldn’t see him at the time.

** Okay, we may have gone to the circus in between.