I Wonder What Happens Next

Posted on 10/04/2013 by


Me: Tomorrow’s Monday!
Rick: (flatly) I love you, bear.
Me: I shouldn’t say that with so much glee?
Rick: Yeah.

It’s possible that I was a little more than reasonably excited about getting back to work this week. But come on, I knew it was going to be fun.

I’ve been running through the last quarter of the book (you know, the part I wrote at supersonic speed) to make sure it’s solid before I move on and to fill in the details I skipped over in my hurry.

And it’s been hilarious. Yesterday I reached the end of a chapter where something rather dramatic happens and I thought, Gee, I wonder what happens next. I mean, I hadn’t forgotten how the book ended, I just… couldn’t remember the immediate ‘how did I get them out of this mess and into the next bit’. I swear, when I was writing it I knew how it was going to happen, I’d just apparently forgotten in the last week once I stopped trying to hold the whole pattern in my head at the same time.

So much fun! And I’m two thirds of the way through already. I’ll have to spin through quickly one more time because I’ve added some not insignificant things in places that I’ll need to double-check before I send them off to my beta readers* but then! Frolicking! (Me.) Feedback! (Them.) Generalised rejoicing! (Everyone.) It’s gonna be great.


* The entire last quarter of the book is currently marked with ‘double-check this when you haven’t just written it’, which is a very important note because I wrote a substantial portion of it while sleep-deprived, which means my typos are utterly absurd and I’d rather my beta readers were laughing along with the story rather than at the fact that I’ve written ‘point black’ instead of ‘point blank’.