Be the Cheese You Want to See in the World

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I’m not saying I’ve ever made a list like this, but I’m not saying I haven’t…

'Poorly Drawn Lines' comic entitled: 'It's time to start thinking about your future'. The first panel says, 'What are your goals?' and shows a man with a pen and a list. The second panel says, 'How many of them involve cheese?' We see the list. It reads, 'Buy cheese. Eat cheese. Get a job. Be proactive.' The third panel says, 'Can you do the cheese ones first?' and shows the man eating cheese. The fourth panel says, 'Can you make the rest of them involve cheese as well?' We see a revised list. 'Buy cheese' and 'Eat cheese' have been ticked off. 'Get a job' has been altered to 'Get a cheese' and 'Be proactive' has been altered to 'Be cheese'.


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