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Okay, so iTunes home sharing. It’s this neat function where two people on a network (like, say, if you live in the same house) can share their music with each other. You can play your honey’s or your sister’s playlists. It’s neat.

Reference pic of itunes with home sharing turned on, displaying shared itunes libraries in the sidebar.

But the thing is — people forget to turn it off.

So if, say, you’re in a really large hotel and you open up iTunes… well, you can have a lot of fun.

Other people’s playlists are fascinating. And sometimes they have audio files of things that aren’t just music. Brilliant.

There is, I guess, a bit of a privacy issue here. I mean, generally speaking I think people don’t leave their accounts open like that on purpose. But it’s a bit like walking down the street and looking across and being able to see in someone’s windows. You can get a little snapshot insight into a stranger’s life and as long as you’re not using it to, you know, stalk them (the key word here being stranger) then I think it’s okay.

Course I might be biased because of the aforementioned fascination. So it’s possible I’m just a bad person.


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