Music to Soothe the Savage Wossname

Posted on 21/03/2013 by


In recent times (and not so recent times, let’s be honest) I have been asked (repeatedly because I keep forgetting to do it) to post about my writing playlists. Or possibly to simply post my playlists. One of those. This is me capitulating. (In two-part harmony… okay, not really.)

So I figured what I’d do is offer up a song or two or three every Friday and I’ll make a YouTube playlist of them as I go (where it’s possible, some of my music is so obscure YouTube doesn’t know about it).

My book playlists are one part my taste, one part emotionally evocative for the story I’m telling and one part there because some part of the lyrics (or, at times, my mishearing of a lyric) made me go, Oh and write something for that book. Which basically means the songs I include can be all over the map. Although there’s generally an overall sort of feel to things.

I tend to build them over time and rearrange them when I become aware that there’s a group of songs of a particular type that work together to say fight sequence or let’s get drunk or something.

Given I am obsessed with finishing Wizards right now it seems only just and right and so on that we start with some tunes from that playlist.

So I guess I’ll start you out gentle with the very first song that went into this list. And the one that’s snugged up next to it in the play order right now. They’re both a little bit emotionally painful, which makes sense I think because when this book appeared (okay, rampaged into my head) I was still writing Path, and that play list is…

Arkem: How about we go with the Path playlist today and if I’m about to start cutting myself I’ll let you know.

Well, it’s a bit dark in places. In terms of the Wizards list this is about as dark as it gets. …unless you count the fact that there are some rather dubious drug and alcohol related songs which spin in the addiction direction. And okay, there’s some angsty stuff. But mostly it’s loud and dancey and drums and happy making. So. Yes. Good. Here.

Rolling in the Deep by Adele and Howl by Florence and the Machine. The first has a very cool video clip, the second has… well, Florence banging on a drum, which is cool too.*


*  If you’re feeling the urge for some alternative visuals I have linked previously to this X-Men fanvid set to Rolling in the Deepand there is also a Doctor Who vid set to Howl.